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Inner Wellness through Vibrational Energy Healing

Vibrational Energy HealingInner Wellness is an essential theme at Capture the Brilliance. The path to wellness and actualization demands the healing of limiting emotional traumas, conditioning, and beliefs that come to the foreground naturally for resolution—and Vibrational Energy Medicines are among the most powerful therapies known to us to achieve this. But how do we choose those that will most effectively serve us?

Over the past 35 years, I have found flower essence and gem therapies to be two of the most direct, clear, and profound Vibrational Energy Healing that anyone, of any age, can use to become well from the inside out. Every challenge and transition along the path of life can be viewed as an opportunity to heal and empower you to greater purpose and happiness—and with the right energy medicine, the path is made smoother and faster.

We are delighted to guide your awakening through the use of our formulas to elevate your inner core energy, emotional contentment, peace and happiness—and to increase your positive psychology and healthy beliefs. Our formulations of flower essences and gem elixirs are intended to move you forward in life!

Recently, I have also begun working with a new, pioneering type of homeopathic DNA called Micro-Immunotherapy, which targets genes that reduce symptoms of dis-ease. These standardized, natural DNA remedies target only genes that have been proven to support health and resolve disease.

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What is Vibrational Energy Healing?

Sunflower – Vibrational attunement to Core Self  Confidence, self-empowerment, cultivate positive father relationship.

Sunflower – Vibrational attunement to Core Self Confidence, self-empowerment, cultivate positive father relationship

Vibrational Energy Healing consists of sonic and light therapies that act beyond our normal range of senses, working on the level of light and DNA to transform our conditioning and our genetic programming. According to modern physics, light and DNA are ultimately one and the same—in fact, DNA is birthed out of the intelligence of light.

Vibrational Energy Healing literally reaches into the blueprint of who we are, working in powerful and profound ways to enliven our intelligence and uplift us—emotionally, mentally, physically, and on a soul level.

How does it work? Light, color, and geometry form the language of DNA. Your DNA and genes define you and govern your every thought, feeling, and behavior. Vibrational Energy Healing therapies are the safest and most effective natural therapies I’ve fount to transmute our conditioning and genetic programming to live as higher expression of our human potential.

DNA 101

“Matter, as it were, is condensed or frozen light…all matter is a condensation of light into patterns moving back and forth at average speeds which are less than the speed of light…(Light is) energy and it is also information – content, form and structure. It is the potential for everything.” ~ David Bohm, physicist.


Bio-photon emissions from a leaf

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. DNA at the center of each cell has been scientifically shown to emit photons. All living cells of plants, animals, and human beings emit bio-photons.

Scientists are finding that DNA communicates with and is created from light itself! It’s been observed that DNA produces extremely high bio-photon emissions and has laser-like properties. Photon emissions are electromagnetic in nature, and each color is a specific electromagnetic wavelength.

Cellular communication that has been weakened by age, genetics, illness, or injury can be restored by introducing vibrational information into the body in the form of different colored light frequencies. Vibrational Energy Medicines like flower essences and gem elixirs define themselves in a spectral color ray organized out of the portal of geometry. They can be experienced as singing, or resonating, with the physical and subtle nature of our being.

For example, when the essence of the flower Lavender is imbibed, the violet color ray of the flower enhances neurological coherence, calmness, and steadiness in the mind and body, balancing the nervous system in particular.


Before & After of Bio-photon emission from a fingertip before and after taking a remedy containing Lavender


Lavender/Passionflower – Flower essence, botanical and color spectral infusion.When imbibed this blend infuses a violet/blue vibration into the physical and subtle bodies that is emotionally balancing and calming. It facilitates the release of stress, tension, nervousness, and irritability. It rejuvenates the physiology when one is experiencing stress and burnout. Lavender/Passionflower has an overall stabilizing influence for the whole body. When the body is calm, relaxed and at ease, one’s life force energy is enhanced, as seen in the bio-photon emissions of before and after using the spectrum blend of Lavender/Passionflower.





Blue Sapphire: Vibrational education to cultivate peace, calm, relaxed, and settled nature through life’s activities


The Blue Sapphire gem, when imbibed as an elixir, has a very relaxing, settling, and calming influence.

Blue Sapphire strengthens and stabilizes the nervous system. It assists to dissolve emotional traumas and constriction. Blue Sapphire elixir clears the subconscious of limited and outdated thought-forms and beliefs. It especially activates this process through the dream state. Here are reported results of using Blue Sapphire elixir: inner peace, calm, intuition, contemplative, acceptance, faith, purpose directed, deepens meditation and prayer, lucid dreaming, opens throat chakra.Blue Sapphire is also known to transmute the following conditions: impatient, agitated, worry, fears, grief, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and constriction of any kind.




For more information and to purchase gem elixirs, see my personal website: GEM ELIXIRS

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