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Health and wellness HomeovitalityThe journey of wellness is a lifelong process that shifts between being healthy, ill, getting well, and trying to stay well through our whole life. The challenge for health in the 21st century is to find pathways to achieve advanced evolutionary states of health and human potential.

It is in this journey that each soul is given choices, knowledge, and wisdom that will lay the foundations for our global society to return to our original blueprint, ensuring the highest standard for achieving our DNA’s potential as an awakened, vital, disease-resistant species upon the Earth.

I believe the key to freedom from disease in mind and body lies in the restoration of the health of our DNA and genes. For this reason, I am introducing the revolutionary DNA consulting and product line Homeovitality.

Here’s how this micro-targeted DNA system evolved.

DNA: Our Human Genetic Blueprint for Life

About two decades ago, scientists began the Human Genome Project with a view to determining the entire sequence of human DNA, our genetic blueprint. The turn of the century marked its completion and the beginning of an exciting new era in human health and potential.

It was found that the entire human genetic blueprint comprises just over three billion nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA, that are now thought to include about 25,000 to 30,000 genes.

Since the completion of the Human Genome Project, new genes have been discovered that play a vital role in maintaining the health of mind and body, as well as protecting against and helping resolve ill health.

This is important because every day, our genes are challenged by environment, impure food and water, polluted air, drugs, stress, negative thoughts and emotions—the list is endless. This results in damage to our genes, which ultimately leads to ill health and the acceleration of aging.

Safety of the Homeovality SSHD health care system


Vibrational Remedies Increase DNA Communication

When a vibrational gene remedy is introduced, replication of healthy genes can begin to occur, repairing damaged genes. As far back as 1997, Professor Khuda-Bukhsh proposed that homeopathic substances have the capacity to interact with the genetic blueprint and deliver their benefits by increasing the expression of genes that synthesize health-promoting proteins.

Then a few years ago, Drs. Jenaer and Marichal established the use of highly diluted DNA molecules with specific nucleotide sequences to alleviate disease by targeting specific genes that promote health and protect against disease.Drs. Jenaer and Marichal referred to the use of highly diluted DNA molecules of specific sequences (called SNA, specific nucleic acids) as Micro-Immunotherapy.They used highly diluted DNA molecules to target immune response genes to prevent disease and fight infections that do not respond to antibiotics.

Based on the scientific discovery and principles of Micro-Immunotherapy, a system called the Homeovitality sequence specific homeopathic DNA (SSHD) remedy system has been developed by Dr. Peter Kay and Saqib Rashid. Homeovitality has been developed as a safe and natural way to help everyone achieve nature’s “super-health” and stay healthy.

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Safety of Homeovitality

Since introduction of the Homeovitality SSHD health care system, concerns have been expressed about its safety because it targets the genetic blueprint. It is perfectly safe because it only targets genes that have been proven to improve health and protect against disease development.

The Homeovitality SSHD system was developed to take advantage of new health care discoveries using established principles of high dilution technology. It uses highly diluted DNA molecules with precise nucleotide sequences to target those genes that have been proven to promote and support health and resolve disease.

The Homeovitality system uses highly diluted DNA molecules with precise sequences to target genes that produce the body’s natural proteins that have been proven to promote health as well as protect against and resolve many diseases.

Introducing the Genius in Genes: Examples of Homeovitality DNA Remedies


The Path to Hybrid Vigor, a State of Super-Health

Hybrid vigor is the highest possible level of health and disease resistance that can be achieved naturally. It is nature’s very own form of “super-health,” developed naturally over millions of years.

Scientists are beginning to discover that hybrid vigor has also had a major influence on the advancement of health and well-being in humans. For example, the dramatic improvement in IQ, extension of a healthy lifespan, and the general lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol levels in recent times have been attributed to hybrid vigor.

Furthermore, scientists are now beginning to discover that hybrid vigor, nature’s “super-health,” plays a very important role in maximizing our mind/body health and well-being. As Dr. Kay is a world expert on the genetic control of hybrid vigor, the Homeovitality SSHD system has been designed to promote natural super-health.

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Introducing the Genius in Genes: Examples of Homeovitality DNA Remedies

Homeovitality Super HeartKL Gene or Super Heart has been designed to target the KL gene to help the body make more KLOTHO protein. KLOTHO protein helps everyone to stay younger longer, live a longer healthier life and keeps the heart and kidneys healthy, lowers blood pressure, stabilizes the immune system, avoids and resolves diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune diseases, and helps protect against cancer.

The amount of KLOTHO that the body produces gradually declines with age. Therefore, everyone can benefit by taking the Super Heart product on a permanent basis as they get older.

Homeovitality Super Memory IQ

CHRM2 & SNAP-25 Genes
or Super Memory/IQ has been designed to help the body synthesize more CHRM2 and SNAP-25 proteins so that people may remember better and enjoy an increased IQ. Researchers have discovered that a lack of these two proteins leads to a poor memory and reduced IQ; SNAP-25 gene activity results in memory loss, while CHRM2 has been proven to be a key promoter of intelligence. May be used on a permanent basis.


Homeovitality Elastin


HoV-ELN Gene or Elastin has been designed to target the ELN gene. ELN synthesizes elastin, the most important protein that keeps skin, lungs, and arteries pliable, slowing down skin aging and wrinkling and maintaining plasticity of arteries and lungs.



Homeovitality Allergicare

IL-10 Gene
or Allergicare has been developed to help the immune system synthesize the immuno-regulatory protein IL-10. Scientists have shown that IL-10 helps stop the development of an undesirable immune response that causesallergies such as asthma, as well as reducing inflammation. IL-10 has also been shown to resolve psoriasis and may be helpful in other disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory properties also reduce pain. May be taken on a permanent basis or until symptoms subside.


Homeovitality Super Weight Loss
LEP & ADP Gene
or Super Weight Loss has been designed to help the body make more of the proteins leptin and adipose. These proteins help people to lose weight more effectively by reducing fat formation, suppressing the appetite (so the urge to overeat is lessened) and increasing energy expenditure (so that the food is converted into energy rather than stored in the body as fat). Scientists have discovered that the leptin protein also helps to resolve Type 2 diabetes and increase bone density so that bone fracture is less likely. May be taken long term until required BMI (Body Mass Index) is reached and then taken at half dosage permanently to maintain optimum BMI.


Homeovitality Depress Aid
or Depress Aid has been developed to help sufferers of depression. It is designed to target the SLC6A15 gene. For many years, scientists have searched for genes that are involved in depression. Recently, scientists from Germany’s Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry made the exciting discovery that the gene SLC6A15 was linked to depression. They found that expression of the SLC6A15 gene, which regulates the brain’s excitatory transmitter glutamate, was reduced in depressed people. It may be taken on a long-term basis or until depression is no longer felt.


Homeovitality Vital Energy

COQ4 Gene or Vital Energy has been designed to target the COQ4 gene. COQ4 gene plays an important role in production of the vital energy-producing enzyme CoenzymeQ10. Sufficient CoenzymeQ10 is necessary to supply the energy needed for all the body’s organs and cells to work at their optimum capacity, especially skeletal muscle, heart muscle, the liver, and the immune system. The gene COQ4 encodes a protein that is responsible for organizing a multi-enzyme complex for the synthesis of CoenzymeQ10. It has been shown to be an essential requirement for the production of biological energy in all forms of life.

Without CoenzymeQ10, no energy is produced, and cells and organs die. CoenzymeQ10 is considered to have important anti-aging properties; therefore, everyone can benefit by taking this product on a permanent basis as they age.

There are currently nearly 40 formulations to create brilliant health and wellness, with many more being developed. One can safely use several remedies with the intention of achieving higher states of transformational wellness and brilliance in the functioning of body/mind consciousness.

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Homeovitality Product Line



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