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BeautyStrips System

BeautyStrips SystemI have seen so many health-care systems for youthful skin and beauty. For me they have been complicated, timely, pricy, and not overwhelmingly impressive. My solution: simplicity, affordability, and the all-natural BeautyStrips System.

The BeautyStrips System is an advanced spa treatment you can do at home and on the road to promote genetic health of the skin. It’s all natural, easy, and promotes the healthy DNA needed for anti-aging.

The BeautyStrips System has two parts: a kelp mask and a serum, which activate the production of telomorase for promoting the longevity and health of your skin’s DNA. The serum is used a minimum of once daily and the mask every two weeks.

Thekey ingredient is cycloastrogenol, an extract of the ancient herb astragalus, which has 36 peer-reviewed studies showing its benefits in anti-aging. Its main feature is to increase the production of telomerase, the enzyme produced by telomeres, to help DNA replicate correctly. One clinical study on our proprietary serum showed a 300% increase in telomere length. In plain English? It nourishes your skin, creating cellular youthfulness.

I have personally found the kelp mask to be a powerful way to relax and take in the self- healing nourishment of nature at its finest. The serum is lightly fragranced and pre-measured for easy application. You have to try it for yourself. It truly is an inner and outer experience of self-love that elevates your inner and outer beauty unlike any other system. For me it has to be simple and easy—and the BeautyStrips System is.

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Kelp Mask­–Part 1

Beautystrips Kelp Mask Part 1

The kelp mask stands out in an age of thoughtless mass production. More than 1300 hours of care
go into every mask, beginning with a genuine base of pure,
naturally sourced seaweed. Seaweed is known to be rich in minerals, nutrients, and calming elements that help to soothe, smooth, nourish, and hydrate your skin. The 31 ingredients used in this unique mask are designed to help lift, tighten, reduce impurities, and tone skin.

Used consistently, the BeautyStrips Mask can reduce pore size and help your skin to naturally shed the impurities, toxins, and dead cells that contribute to loss of moisture and elasticity. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves the overall look and feel of the skin.

Each time you use the BeautyStrips Mask, you’re doing something loving for yourself, nourishing your skin and allowing your true youthful energy and unique inner beauty to shine through.



Beauty Serum – Part 2

Beautystrips Beauty Serum Part 2The serum in the BeautyStrips system bathes your skin in calming, soothing antioxidants and nutrients that reduce sagging, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and help revitalize your skin’s
natural firmness and elasticity. What makes this powerful, natural effect possible is our unique peptide blend, along with the exclusive, patent-pending ingredient cycloastrogenol, the telomerase activator that facilitates anti-aging of the cells and healthy DNA replication. This ingredient is at the core of our proprietary serum formulation, which increases telomerase by 300 percent topically. This is ground breaking in skin age management; the serum turns on a genetic switch previously locked or functionally reduced with age.


Benefits of BeautyStrips Serum

  • Protects against free radicals with multiple antioxidants
  • Protects against future harm from UV rays
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and sagging
  • Provides moisture for visible wrinkle reduction and moisture barrier protection
  • Smooths skin texture and helps diminish pore size

Benefits of BeautyStrips Serum“I have to say I was skeptical and really did not think I would notice a huge difference. So I was shocked at the change! The lower right photo was taken about 1week after starting the BeautyStrips System.”

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Natural DNA-GENE SOLUTIONS for Successful Aging, Repairing Cells and Tissue Damage, Increasing Elastin, and Skin Regeneration

Beauty is both an internal and external process. At Capture the Brilliance, we encourage a holistic approach that can help you achieve a state of healthy natural beauty and manage the aging process with youthful grace. This is why we recommend that everyone approach health and beauty with both the BeautyStrips System for outer skin health and  our line of DNA-gene solutions for genetic wellness and beautiful skin from the inside.

Four key formulas in our DNA-gene solutions line address telomere health and other critical factors for health and anti-aging: Telomerase, Elastin, Age Well, and Prorep.


Telomerase gene remedyTelomerase gene remedy targets the TERT gene to support new tissue growth and slow the aging process. Each time a cell divides—whether to repair damaged tissues or renew old tissues—the ends of the cell’s chromosomes become frayed or lost. When too many of the chromosome ends are lost, the cell loses the ability to divide and form new cells. This is called cellular senescence, and it results in tissue aging.

The Telomerase remedy helps to repair the ends of damaged chromosomes so that new cells and new tissues can be produced, slowing down the aging process and repairing damaged tissues of all kinds, including skin, more effectively.





Elastin gene remedy targets the ELN gene to synthesize elastin, the most important protein to keep skin, lungs, and arteries pliable, slowing down skin aging and wrinkling and maintaining plasticity of arteries and lungs. Elastin is an essential component of various human tissues, including the skin, lungs, and arteries. Elastin provides these elastic tissues with the ability to stretch and recoil as required. Unfortunately, elastin production decreases with age, and by middle age only very small amounts of elastin are produced by the body.

As production of elastin deteriorates, tissue plasticity declines, signaling the onset of aging of the skin and dysfunction of the lungs and arteries, the latter leading to atherosclerotic disease, increased susceptibility to aneurisms, and inability to control blood pressure effectively.




Age Well Gene RemedyAge Well gene remedy targets the KL, GH1, and IL-7 genes. It helps everyone to live a longer, disease-free life and slow down the aging process.

What do KL, GH1 and IL-7 do? The KL gene, which synthesizes the hormone Klotho, plays a very important role in slowing down the aging process. Scientists have shown that reduced activity of KL results in acceleration of the aging of many organs, and in particular, leads to skin deterioration. Reduced KL activity is associated with impaired immunity and increased susceptibility to development of auto-immunity. These aging conditions are reversed by up-regulation of KL.

IL-7 stimulates the production of new immune cells in the bone marrow. GH1 helps to reduce muscle loss, a component of aging, and build up muscle by stimulating cells that form new muscle. It also enhances new muscle growth by increasing amino acid uptake in newly forming muscle cells, as well as other tissues.


Prorep Gene RemedyProrep gene remedy targets the HSF1 gene. This is a master regulator gene to repair damaged proteins that cause ill health.

What does the HSF1 gene do?Almost a million proteins are required to organize and carry out all the physiological and psychological functions needed to maintain optimum health throughout life.

For a protein to work effectively, it must have the correct fit with its receptor, rather like a lock and key fitting system. The correct structure of many proteins is often difficult to maintain because their structure is altered by exposure to many factors, such as increased temperature, toxins, radiation from all sources (including sun exposure, electromagnetic radiation, infectious agents, etc.), and more.

The HSF1 gene coordinates the body’s entire protein repair system. In this way, disfigured, dysfunctional proteins can be refolded and repaired so that they can function at full capacity. Maximum health is enjoyed when all the body’s cellular components and proteins are fully functional.

Prorep may be used on a permanent basis, particularly by those suffering from chronic inflammatory disorders. Not recommended for use in cancer patients because it is likely to protect cancer cells from the cytotoxic effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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