Awakening the Holographic Human


Nature’s Path to Healing and Higher Consciousness

Awakening the Holographic Human offers a vision of what it means to move from the personal to the transpersonal experience of living. Dr. Botchis believes that transpersonal living allows us to view our life from a more objective perspective: “As we grow in the ability to allow and accept, we are no longer bogged down by our personal stories. We no longer fall victim to our beliefs, thoughts, and reactions—are no longer enslaved by them.”

In this book, Dr. Botchis describes her own revelatory relationship with flowers, herbs, gems, colors, energy, light, and stars—Nature’s blueprints for healing and higher consciousness. She shares her knowledge so that anyone can understand the nature of their personal reality and how to expand beyond it into something greater: the holographic human.

Awakening the Holographic Human is a book for anyone interested in physical, psycho-spiritual, and emotional healing; personal and/or planetary transformation; the development of higher states of consciousness; or actualizing human potential. It may be used equally by the health professional or the individual called to self-discovery, natural healing, and the shift from the personal to the transpersonal self.




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“A human being is not an entirely solid object. We are built out of layers of energy, light, and consciousness, held together by a universal force. To be awakened is to get in touch with the subtleties of this force, and to use it wisely and productively. This is the extraordinary accomplishment of Awakening the Holographic Human.”

—janet iris sussman, author, musician, intuitive counselor,
developer of the Sunpoint™ subtle energy healing system


Lilli Botchis, PhD, is a psycho-spiritual counselor, educator, and vibrational medicine developer with nearly four decades of experience in advanced body/soul wellness and the development of higher consciousness. Her expertise includes botanicals, gems, color, flower essences,  bio-energy therapies and Holographic Soul readings.  Lilli is an initiate, practitioner and teacher of many ancient and science-based streams of mystical and spiritual knowledge. She has been inducted into the Knights of Hopitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, and is currently in training as an initiate of the Aquarian Knights Templar-Masonic Order.



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