About Lilli Botchis

lilli2 Lilli Botchis, PhD, holds a doctorate in Health and Human Services and master’s degrees in Health Education & Counseling and Herbology. She is a Natural DNA Therapy Practitioner (NDTP) and holds multiple other certifications in various natural healing therapies. In 2008, she was inducted into the Sovereign Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, founder of the world’s first hospital.

Dr. Lilli is a highly sensitive and inspiring educator specializing in advanced wellness and regenerative health. She has over 35 years’ experience as a holistic health practitioner, educator, and natural-product formulator. Her expertise includes the fields of botanicals, gem and color therapies, bio-energy therapies, flower essence therapy, and natural DNA-Gene health solutions.

Dr. Lilli is often referred to as a spiritual doctor who facilitates, educates, and ministers to people seeking to prevent human suffering, achieve unlimited wellness, and enjoy successful aging. Dr. Lilli takes a full-spectrum approach to elevate clients’ innate intelligence, helping them to develop an authentic and personalized process of transformation and healing. Natural healing and beauty is a soul choice, because you are the healer. This soulful process includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual participation.

One of Dr. Lilli’s gifts is her innate ability to see deep into an individual and identify the core conditions and patterns to unlock their innate and spontaneous healing processes. In her sessions, she points the light of knowledge and compassion towards remedies, therapies, and technologies that are personal to each individual. Dr. Lilli’s wisdom about the human energy field and consciousness, as well as her caring heart, facilitates insight into the mind/body’s ability to revitalize itself. Dr. Lilli’s process is a path of awakening your brilliant health.


Says Dr. Lilli: “My desire is to empower you to live a vital, dynamic, and healthy life. My life is dedicated to serving and empowering people through proven and scientifically based natural remedies and therapies. I believe that given the right tools, the body can restore itself to health. When the body is infused with the intelligence of raw materials like ancient herbs, primal nutrition from land and sea, color and light, and other vibrational nutrients, we have an optimal, unbounded opportunity to rebuild, restore, and renew the life force of our mind, body, and spirit.

“When we harness the intelligence of botanicals, gems, flowers, and modern health technologies, the healing forces within the body become alive again. Here at Capture the Brilliance, we are excited to introduce you to what we believe are the most significant tools and products available to restore you to a youthful state of health.”

Dr. Lilli has worked with thousands of people, young and old, to help them establish the building blocks of health and longevity. Watch for her upcoming seminars on pain-free living and how to activate the body’s regenerative forces.

To contact Dr. Lilli directly: 319-400-2293 or drelizabethb144@gmail.com

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