Genetic Nutrition
Vibrational Healing
Anti-Aging Therapy
Natural Pain Relief

A Path to Brilliant Health & Ageless Vitality

With Lilli Botchis, PhD

Stem-Cell Nutrition

Rebuild, Rejuvenate and Regenerate with Primal Stem-Cell Nutrition. Primal stem-cell nutrition enhances neuro-cognitive health and raises and supports mind/body homeostasis to create a state of balance and adaptability to change. Read more

Beauty System Kelp Mask, Telomere Serum & Gene Therapy

At Capture the Brilliance, we are working with several cutting-edge products, both external and internal, to revitalize and maintain youthful skin. Read more

Telomeres & Aging

Do We Have to Age?

It’s an age-old question. The answer? It’s up to you! How fast you age and how long you maintain brilliant health and ageless vitality is in your hands.

Read more

Dr. Lilli’s Book – Now Available!

Awakening the Holographic Human: Nature’s Path to Healing & Higher Consciousness
By Lilli Botchis, Ph.D.
Read more

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Message from Dr. Lilli…

What it means to be healthy in the 21st century involves so much more than what we imagined and planned for to this day. Our changing world, with its outdated systems and environmental challenges, has brought humanity to a critical impasse. read more…


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